Monday, March 27, 2017


Week 15 en Eden

Hey everyone!!! So this week has been really awesome!!! haha I’m absolutely loving the work! so yesterday was elections here so we only had 1 hour of church and we had to be in the house at 6! but guess what this next week is carnival so we can’t leave the house for like 3 and a half days!!! so next Monday I will not be emailing!!! I will email next Wednesday just a heads up! haha but everything is going great here today we played a ton of Uno it was pretty awesome haha uno for missionaries it like where it’s at!!! haha

my health is good I am super happy haha but I am losing weight hahahahaha I mean it’s good though right haha

well I hope all of guys have a great week!!! I love you guys!

Elder Bigelow

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