Friday, October 28, 2016


Elders in his district!

Temple Walk with Elders in his zone heading out to the field!

Elder Bigelow!!! LOVE HIM!!

New Companion!! Elder Harris!!

Check out the ties!! hahaha


Man everything here is going by so dang fast!!!! It has just been the same thing every week! but its super fun! so i got some news! i am getting a new companion today!!! haha so there is an elder that his district left this past week and he had some medical things to check on so he had to stay and i get to be his companion!!! So at first i was really bummed that i was leaving my trio and i didn't want to change companions because i loved my trio! but the branch president asked to meet with me last night and he started to tell my why he choose me to be his companion and i felt the spirit soooo strong that this was right and i needed to be with him! He said some really personal things about me that i have no clue how he knew, it must have been the spirit! so i am ready and excited to be Elder Harris companion! 
Things here are so fun i love my teachers! they are super fun!!! so this week we actually got to teach real investigators, we taught this lady called Diana and it was actually really really hard! she asked some hard questions!!! and it took us a while to answer but we will be prepared for our next lesson haha
So i just want to let everyone know at home that i am a beast at 4 square!!! it is amazing!! i can basically beat our whole zone haha That is one of the highlights of my day is going and destroying at 4 square!!!
last night we had bret k nattress from the seventy the one who spoke this last conference and all he talked about was Christ!!! IT WAS AMAZING!!!! I absolutely loved it!! remember the story that jeffry r holland told about the brothers that went climbing and there was a ledge that they couldn't get over or go down so the one brother gave the little brother a boost and he decided he was going to jump and we he jumped all he felt was loose sand! We watched that story and the whole time that i was listening i thought of all the times in my life i was like that boy that tries it for myself and i have nothing to hold on to! and then his little brother grabs his hands and saves him! then elder nattress said that we could be the boy that saves his brother because we are representatives of Jesus Christ and we can save those investigators and i was bawling!! hahaha but is so true and it makes me soo happy! i am so ready to be out there teaching the people of Ecuador! 2 districts in our zone left for there missions monday and it made me sad but made me so excited to be out there teaching!! I love this gospel and I know that my Redeemer lives!!! i cant deny it! 
have a great week everyone!!! 
"you can make the pathway bright" 
Elder Bigelow

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Companion Elder Bouvier!!

Companion Elder Manua

Week Two

Hey everyone! This past week has just flown by so day fast! and it is getting cold here but i love it! it reminds me of Alaska!! The MTC is amazing let me just say! so on Thursday we got another maestro his mane is Hermano parker! but his first name is legit Cade!!! haha and he is hilarious!! i love him! everyday pretty much goes the same we wake up then eat breakfast and then go to our classroom and have 3 hours of personal, companionship and language study!!! after that is usually lunch then we have class with a maestro for like 3 or 4 hours then dinner that class again with a different maestro! haha till it's time to go to our rooms and party till bed! So my zone here at the mtc is freaking awesome! we are all so close and always just have a party!! especially in our house before bed like we play games and talk it's sweet!!! haha 
So i got my new companions their names are Elder Manua and Elder Bouvier! they are like the best companions ever we always have a fun time and joke around so its great! I absolutely love my district!! they are hilarious and fun! we always have a good time with each other!! 
Alright now it's time to get down to the real business!!! FOUR SQUARE!!! we play it during exercise time and our whole zone gets into it and it is like the best game ever!!! haha I play it every day so i mean i have gotten like super good at it!!! haha i love it!!!
So i joined choir this past week! it is legit! we sang be still my soul for Lynn G Robins in the presidency of the seventy last night! and guess what!/ i was on the big screen!  hahahaha it was weird but legit!
well i have to get going!! i love all of you guys!!! this is definitely the best decision i have made in my life! i am learning so much! I love this Gospel and that is why i am out here!!! ]
" we are ambitious for Christ when we serve faithfully, accept humbly, endure nobly, pray fervently, and partake worthily" Elder Kazuhiko Yamashita!
Elder Kade D Bigelow
p.s the Christlike attribute for this week is Faith!!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

His sleeping quarters!

Yep that is his Captain America and Eagle... Always a patriot!

His first comp!!

First P-Day temple trip!!

My First Week!!


WOW! things here are amazing!!! So the first day when Sherri dropped me off my like escort dude took me to go get my tags and put my luggage in my room and all that fun stuff then he took me to my classroom where my district and teacher was and the teacher spoke only in Spanish!!!! it was really really hard to understand him but we kinda just got introduced and then we got our books and went to this devotional with the MTC president and we just talked with him about a mission and sang called to serve! and after that just dinner and unpacking haha day two we went to class and just studied hard on Spanish and we learned that we would be teaching our first investigator the next day!!!!! which was super scary because it was all in Spanish! Then at night on Thursday we went and met our branch president and just talked with him and his counselors! On Friday it was a day to basically get your lesson ready for our investigator Antonio. Then and night me and Elder Ketcum my companion taught him and it went horrible hahaha but we were told we had to teach him again the next day so we just studied hard and revised how we were going to teach a lesson! so when Saturday came and we taught Antonio, we taught about how God loves him and we actually got him to pray with us!!!!!!! it was amazing and i was like crying the whole time he was praying!!!! So up to that point i had been having fun but everything was super hard to adjust to and i really didn't know what to do but everyone in our zone was just telling our district that when you make it to Sunday everything gets better! AND IT TOTALLY DID!!!!! Sunday was so amazing being able to just take a break from Spanish and to really learn from the spirit! Sunday night we had a devotional on repentance and it was just pure AWESOME! i don't remember who the speaker was but it was great!!!! Then after that we watched a video by David A Bednar about the Character of Christ its was like a huge slap in the face!! and there is sooooo much i can work on to gain the character of Christ! Then Monday was just a normal day we were supposed to teach Antonio but my companion had to go meet with the district president, so i didn't get to teach so we just studied hard on Spanish! Then yesterday was just a normal day EXCEPT we had a devotional and guess who came?!?!?! David A Bednar i was sitting so close to him hahaha but his talk was amazing it was on General Conference which is kinda a strange topic but it was like amazing! he basically told us that after general conference we NEED to study the talks again and live those principals from the talks in the next 6 months then he gave us ways to study the talks!!! In ever general conference talk there is a main principal or doctrine, a invitation to act, and a promised blessing!! If you find those and really live them you will be soooo much better off!!! This morning we went to the Temple like early early, right as we woke up and our district did an endowment session and then went to the baptistery and did some confirmations! haha it was amazing! i felt so much peace and love from my heavenly father, i know this is exactly where i am supposed to be!! I love the Lord with every fiber of my being! I know that the prophet is called of God and that the 12 apostles are too! I love all of you guys thank you so much for your support!!!! 

Elder Bigelow
"tengo gozo en mi alma hoy"
only like the best hymn in Spanish ever (there is sunshine in my soul today)

Sunday, October 9, 2016

1st Letter Home


Hola familia!!!! I am here and I am alive. I can not believe how amazing this place has been! i feel like i have learned more today and yesterday then my whole life of spanish! I can pray and bear my testimony! MY companiero es Elder ketcum he is legit! My district is hilarious and we have a blast with each other! right now i am staying with me my comp[anion and Elder smith and Elder mkeghan. We are all pretty much going to the same mission! well i have to go my p-day es on Wednesday so i will hear from you guys then! I love you!!! 

Arriving at the MTC!!

Last Day in Alaska!! All together again!!

Lunch at Crazy Moose!!

Elder Kade Dallen Bigelow


Ready to go!!

Breakfast with the Utah fam!!