Friday, February 17, 2017

Hey sorry for the short Email!

So today we went to Isla Santay! so i wasn't able to write you guys a letter but i just wanted to say that with me everything is perfect! i as a little sick this week but now I'm all good! its still raining but i love the coolness haha
So i just want to share a little spiritual experience. We we talking to a old investigator and (my comp is a little serious) and he asked him why are you so dang serious? hahaha and then he said something i will never forget!!
He said ¨Tu sonrisa es la guía para tu cuerpo y mente ¨
or in English its a smile is a guide to your body and mind and its so true. maybe we are sad of serious or having a hard time but if we learn to smile more we can have a positive outlook on everything in life!! I love to be happy and i will do anything to be happy haha well not anything hahahha but you know what i mean! haha i hope you guys do the same!!! haha i love you guys! and please just smile :)
two of my favorite hymns ha
You can make the pathway bright 
savior,redeemer of my soul
Elder Bigelow

I love you guys!!! 
Awesome scripture covers!

Elder Salazar!!

I think he converted his comp to Flash hahaha!

Jenga Fun!!


I'm not a baby!!!

Hey everyone
So we got transfer news and i am staying here in Eden with Elder Salazar! which i am pretty stoked because there is a lot of work to do here and i kinda want to do it hahhaha i absolutely love Eden. I mean its crazy and sketchy and the people here are dorks but its legit i love it!!
So this week I we had exchanges and i went with Elder Gaytan, he is awesome and i was super glad i was with him i learned soo much!!! He is a great leader!! 
But sad to say my other zone leader is going home because he finished his mission! he was awesome!!! 
I hope everything is just awesome in your guys lives hahah here is incredible and i don't want to be anywhere else!! 
Ecuador is my life!!
ohh and by the way I'm not a newbie anymore haha now I'm old!!
my spiritual thought is in my letter!!
love you guys!! 

Elder Bigelow


Rain Rain and more Rain!!

this week it rained a ton! every night we get home just soaked haha its legit! i really love it everything is going great here! our investigators are grand! i don't have much time but i want to say for all of you guys in my ward, that i know that Gods plan is perfect, we may have tears now and its hard to see loved ones go but all will be made right at the end. i absolutely love the scripture in revelation 21:4. God will wipe the tears from our eyes and everything will be made right and were will be able to live with our families again! Brother Snegirev has an amazing work to do now with his amazing son cade helping those who have passed away without the gospel! 
I love you guys!! thank you for your support!!!

Elder Bigelow

I LOVE this pic!!


My missionary!!


the weeks have just flown by out here! right now i am on week 11 almost done with my training!!! hahah which is legit! haha how is everyone else out there? i love to hear from you guys!! haha
things here are always great! haha i still pretty much hate the buses haha its literally a death trap but whatever we have to ride one everyday! hahaha tomorrow we have a zone conference with president! haha and then Wednesday there is a worldwide broadcast for missionaries so I'm pretty excited!!! haha i put 2 awesome funny stories in my letter so you got to read it!!! haha kevin is doing awesome and mayerli is another girl we are teaching and also a family the only name i can remember of this family is Johnathan is the dad! haha
well i love you guys, just know i am having the time of my life! i am in the service of God and i dont wanna be anywhere else then Eden hahahaha i love all of you! have a great week!!!!!
ohh yeah my spiritual thought is 2 Nefi cahpter 9

ohh how great the plan of our God!!!!! 

Elder Bigelow

Elder Bigelow with an investigator Kevin!!


The weeks are just flying by it seems like!!!! haha so i wrote a letter and i had a sweet picture of me and kevin to send but his computer is being stupid so i may try to switch computers and try if i have time!!! haha 
But if i don't just know everyone that i am here and i am having a blast! i told my comp i don't thing we were sent here to really sacrifice everything haha we need to enjoy what we are doing! and when we enjoy what we are dong we will be even more effective haha 
I love you guys! thank you for all of your prayers and help! haha 
Elder Bigelow! (the one and only..hopefully) hahaha

´´praise to the man´´


Vacunas, divisiones y lluvia!!!!

Wow this week was great haha first off we had to get vacunas ( vaccines) so i got like a 3 inch needle in my arm haha but i got to see Elder bowser and Elder meckighan again which is always awesome! haha and then later that day we got a phone call from the assistants to the president saying that we were going to have divisions!!!!!! which freaked me out haha but i was with Elder Paim! He is from Brasil from where Rhet served his mission! but he is sooo awesome and I learned a ton from him haha i was super glad we had divisions that day and then.. RAIN!!!! it rained a lot this week and i loved it! haha like i wish it could rain everyday here it would be soo nice!! 
i heard it rains a ton in Cuenca...... i may be praying to go there.......
haha but everything is awesome in our area and my companion is teaching me a ton! i am so glad that Elder salazar is my companion haha it will be a sad day when me or he has to leave!!!! 
Well my spiritual thought is in my letter this week haha so read it!! haha just know i love all of you guys and i am thankful for your examples! just keep on sharing the gospel!!! with your friend and neighbors they need it... there salvation is at stake!!!! haha Well just know I'm good haha Ecuador is the place to be right now.... obviously!!!
Elder Bigelow