Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year!!!



Haha I really don’t know why it’s such a grand thing it’s a new year but everyone here haha that is like they day they live for! Haha it’s pretty hilarious! But things are just great here I’m working hard and we can see our fruits we got 2 new baptism dates this week!! Haha I went on exchanges with Elder Terrones and he was super helpful!! Haha
So my spiritual thought for this week is for all of the guys reading thing email haha and it is in 2 Nephi chapter 1 verse 21. My question is the same as a dying prophet Lehi are you a man!?!?! 
Haha I absolutely love this scripture the words that Lehi chose to say to lamen and lemuel to be better is wake up and be men!! Sometimes we think of being a man as just not being chicken but its more it’s all about the priesthood and our responsibilities!! Are you doing your home teaching? Are you visiting the sick? Are you doing everything in your power to bless the lives around you? ARE YOU A MAN? Haha 
I love you guys thank you for your prayers! I pray for all of you every day!! 
Elder Bigelow

Be still my soul ;)
Merry Christmas!


WOW One Transfer Down!!

Hahaha hey everyone! I hope you guys had amazing Christmas!!! Haha mine was great! There wasn’t anything special or grand but I still felt the spirit of Christmas all the way down here in Ecuador!!!
Well I got grand news!!! Our investigator came to church hahaha I just about cried when I saw him!!! That was exactly what I needed!! He is amazing!
I don’t have more time but I wrote a bunch in my letter! Thank you all for your support!! I love you guys
Elder Bigelow
Autumn's Birthday Picture!

Jeni's Birthday Picture!

One of my very favorite pictures!

Kade in the Nativity... a fantastic Wise Man!



Hey Everyone!!! Things are great here! It has been like a super crazy week! haha but if you guys read my letters you will definitely know why!!!! Hahaha So I just have to say I love Ecuador hahaha it’s really weird and has its problem but it’s my home now and it’s great!! I don’t want to be anywhere else right now!!! Haha
So I had the opportunity to be a wise man in a nativity this week and I am so grateful for that opportunity! I know that my Savior lives and that he is the only path that we can return to live with our father!!! Este Evangelio es todo para mi! yo amo mi Salvador y yo sé que nosotros podemos vivir juntos en el renio celetial despues este vida!!! You guys are awesome don’t ever forget the Lord in your life!!!! Oh and I can’t wait to talk with my fam next week it’s gonna be legit!!1 hahaha we are still on for 2 so I will see you guys soon :)
Jesus es mi luz!
(the lord is my light) haha
I love you all
Elder Bigelow!!!!