Friday, December 16, 2016

Our first zone conference Facebook pic!!

Kade's planner, he LOVES those pics!

New Comp?

He figured out a way to utilize his 30 minutes better!!!


One Month Down!!

wow! things go by fast here!!! haha so everything is great here haha the only problem is we got a new rule where we cant email very much anymore so i am sending a picture with a letter i wrote about this week for all you guys since i cant write much here!! haha just know everything is great!! my companion is hilarious and a goof but he is one of the hardest workers i know!
this week we had the awesome experience to see president moreno and he gave us a ride home and bought us food haha i love him he is amazing! our investigators are doing great they just need encouragement going to church haha that is the main challenge here is going to church!! haha
so spiritual time! i am sending a picture of my agenda because i love the picture of the Shepard's running to Bethlehem i want you all to read that part in Luke chapter 2 because we need to be like those Shepard's, we have a savior and we know we do and because of that we need to run to him!! I love you all!! and HAPPY BIRTHDAY JENI!!!!!!!!!!! haha i have a picture for you im gonna send next week!!! 

ELDER BIGELOW.... the one and only

week 3 I love Ecuador!!!!

hey everyone!! haha this week was great i have so much i want to say but so little time! i love all you guys first off! but the mission changed rules and i can only email like one letter to everyone so just know I love ya!! haha but this week with our investigators was hard only two of them came to church but the didn't come to sacrament meeting soo  all of our dates fell!! which was really sad! but we are going to work really hard this week to get them to come!!!
a funny story that happened this week is we were teaching a recent convert and this dude was in the house working one the electricity and he had his knife and was just ramming it into  this outlet and i kept thinking man this guy is gonna die haha what is he doing and like the 5th time he did it he just started flipping out hahahha it was shocking him ahah but no one said anything so i was like dying inside!!! hahaha but he is okay now and alive it was just funny!! 
haha ├žour investigators we are working with now is jennifer, jamillth and monica they are all amazing and really need this gospel in there lives!!
haha so i studied a lot of captain moroni today and i love him!! haha we all need to make a covenant like him that we will always stand for christ because God wil only suffer us to be destroyed in our own transgressions so if people make fun of you for being mormon that's ok haha because the lord is on your side if you are choosing the right!!!! alma chapter 46
i love you all!!! 
shoulder to the wheel like a nascar crew!!!!
have a great week 
the day dawn is breaking!! 
Elder Bigelow!!!

Thursday, December 1, 2016

His View... I am guessing!!

Kade's Trainer, Elder Salazar!!

His Ward/Branch


This is the Shiz!!!!

haha week 2 down!! this week has been crazy!!! i had exchanges on Wednesday and i got to go out with elder Terrones one of the zone leaders who has like 3 months left! he is a really cool guy just super trunky! which kinda stinks but i learned a lot from him!! haha 

but things are great here Friday and Saturday were probably the hottest days of my life haha hermano parker and marchant i already got the stains we were talking about haha just from those two days!!!
but the food here is great! i love the juice!! the only one that sucks is like this tomato juice haha it tastes like alkaseltzer hahaha but we got 3 new baptismal dates! there names are genisis and alison and yamille and her mom monica! they are really cool people and i am glad to share the gospel with them!! 
sorry for not a long email but i love you guys thanks for the support i will do better next time!!!! have a great week!!!!
you know I'm just out here grindin.. I'm workin hahaha some of you might get this!!

Elder Bigelow