Monday, March 27, 2017



Hey everyone! how are things! here is really great! we had some great exchanges this week and I got to go out with Elder Marin in his area and it was legit haha I learned a ton! I love the opportunity to just siempre mejorar! it’s legit!!
But first I just want to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to my best friend!! EMMA! hahaha
18 is legit...well I mean it’s just another year but happy birthday!!!
haha I love the mission! its legit I have grown so much in such short time its sweet but the time just flies by here I am almost at 6 months! haha
I was thinking the other day like how much I would really miss Eden if I left because transfers are this week! because the people here are just amazing haha they are really dorky and like every Sunday is another singles ward movie but I just love it!! haha this week win priesthood we were talking about how the mom of Gordon B. Hinckley had like 13 kids and they teacher his name is brother Whilman. he said that like members we need to have a ton of kids because if not we have to go find the kids that got born in non-member families and share the gospel haha and then at the end he added it’s just not Effective!!!! haha I was seriously dying haha it was really funny! haha
well guys I love this work and I love being here in Ecuador!!

Elder Bigelow

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